Moronic Design
Why Not Intelligent Design

The arguments against Intelligent Design are innumerable. We offer only the five strongest here.

Intelligent Design is immoral

If people were created by some higher power, then we are just some powerful creature's playthings living in a world where magic could happen at any minute, so there's no reason to invent morality since we should just do whatever this super-powerful magic creature wants us to do, right or wrong.

Intelligent Design violates the second law of thermodynamics

The second law of thermodynamics says that a system must tend toward maximum entropy, meaning that it can not gain organization or information. A being powerful enough to intelligently create life by will alone would blow the second law out of the water.

Intelligent Design is just a revealed truth

There's no real science behind Intelligent Design, and many of its proponents back it just because they think it agrees with the Bible more than Evolution does. Well, the ravings of many people on street corners agree with the Bible more than the works of Albert Einstein do, but we're putting our money on Al.

Intelligent Design doesn't have all the answers

If creatures were created and don't evolve, why aren't new creatures still appearing? What benevolent creator would design baboon bottoms on purpose? If the designer was so intelligent, why did he leave all this evidence for evolution lying around?

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