Moronic Design
What Is Moronic Design?

Moronic Design is the theory that this planet and the life on it arose at some indeterminate past time through the actions of a creator, the exact nature of which is not known other than the fact that he, she, or it was a moron. There is copious evidence for this position.

The ten basic tenets of Moronic Design are:

  1. There is a universe
  2. The universe exists
  3. Earth exists
  4. Earth exists in the universe
  5. Life exists
  6. Life exists on Earth
  7. Humanity is part of life on earth
  8. The principles of Moronic Design are correct.

You would be hard pressed to find a scientist who, instead of hemming and hawing a because he doesn't like to answer questions that challenge his world view, would come right out and say that all of the tenants of Moronic Design are wrong. And if scientists tend to agree that we are at least somewhat correct, odds are that we are completely correct.

Moronic Design does not really make any predictions and has few other traditional scientific trappings, so it is largely proven through attacks on Intelligent Design theory. Let's face it, if Intelligent Design says Evolution is wrong, and we can prove that Intelligent Design is wrong, then the only possible imaginable alternative is Moronic Design.

Moronic Design completely rejects the theory of Evolution because it gets in the way.

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